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What is Be Health and Wellness?

I have worked in the health and fitness industry for over 14 years in a variety of roles, with the last 10 years of that working as a Personal Trainer.

With over 10 years working with clients from all walks of life, it has become abundantly clear to me, that while exercise is an awesome trigger for change and transformation, it was not the only aspect that needed to be looked at for a person to achieve their true potential.

While analysing, learning and reflecting over time, I have realised that a person is generally looking for balance. Balance of their own Wellness.

And I know “Wellness” is bandied around as the marketing word of choice right now, but what it means to me and Be Health and Wellness, is to be balanced in our Body, Mind and Spirit.

For our Body it can be moving more, moving less, moving with more purpose, moving to fix and heal.

For our Mind, it can be learning more, calming our minds, combating negative self-talk, unraveling our thought patterns.

For our Spirit, it can be following our intuition, being true to ourselves and opening ourselves to our true potential.

All these parts of ourselves need to be in balance and I feel its something that we all strive for, especially in our fast paced, over stimulated, frantic world we live in right now.

We want to be present.
We want to be energised.
We want to be happy and fulfilled.
We want to be healthy.
We want to be strong.
We want to be fit.
We want to BE……

Here at Be Health and Wellness we concentrate on Wellness, Physical, Holistic, and Adventure services that you can help you become more balanced and just BE.

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Wellness Coaching

Have you ever started a journey of fitness, wellness or health and had it all sorted out ready to go, but then not been able to follow through?

Well your’e not alone. I see this a lot and its why I offer Wellness Coaching.

Wellness Coaching is a way that I can support clients in working out what they want, why they want it and whats stopping them from getting what they want.

Once we can clarify what you want, I can support and guide you through the process.

Wellness Coaching provides clarity, accountability, helps with behaviour changes and uses positive psychology to help you be your best.

Wellness Coaching can be done either in person, or via skype or phone calls.

Personal and Group Training

Our Personal and Group Training provides safe and effective movement that engages the full body and mind and encourages health and wellness to our participants.

Movement is fantastic way to release stress, to build physical and mental strength, to burn energy, to feel grounded and to have a physical release.

We provide Personal Training for both small groups and individuals, and Group Training incorporating our Mums and Bubs sessions.

Living Springs Retreat

Our Weekend Retreats are a real chance to reconnect with our Body and Mind and to sample different activities in the relaxing environment that is Living Springs.

The weekend is a chance to learn from experts in their fields and to connect with other participants to learn more about ourselves and each other.

Activites include yoga, pilates, meditation, bootcamps, personal training, wellness coaching and seminars.

All accomodation and food is provided at the amazing Living Springs  Camp and Conference Centre.

Adventure Weekends

The Adventure Weekends provide activity and relaxation in different parts of the South Island.

The activites are varied as much as our locations, but the common theme is to enjoy a weekend of trying new activities, connecting with nature, getting away from the city and taking some time out from a busy life.

Past wekeends have included biking, walking/hiking, SUP, and kayaking.

Our weekends include great food, great people and amazing times in beautiful parts of NZ.